martes, 21 de mayo de 2013

BMW M5 Competition Package priced at $7300

BMW of North America is pricing at the BMW M5 Competition Package at $7300.
The 575 horsepower Competition Package also comes with a series of upgrades to the chassis and ride settings. The M engineers have revised the suspension and damping systems, the stabilizer bars have also been more tautly tuned. In the BMW M5 this adjustment has resulted in a lowering of the car by around 10 millimeters.
The M Dynamic mode of the DSC (DynamicStability Control) system is even more acutely geared to sporty handling characteristics. The package additionally includes exclusively designed 20-inch M light-alloy wheels style 601M with performance tires. The customers also have the option to choose the 343M 20-inch wheels.
BMW M5 Competition Package priced at $7300
The sport exhaust system comes with black chrome tailpipes, an element that differentiates the M5 Competition Package from the “standard” model.
An option of Adaptive LED Headlights is now offered.
For the first time, an optional Touch Controller is available with a touch-sensitive surface allowing, for example, characters to be entered when programming a destination for the navigation system.
The base price for the 2014 BMW M5 is $90,900.
BMW M5 Competition Package priced at $7300

miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013

Production-ready BMW 3 Series GT spotted in Manhattan

A production-ready BMW 3 Series GT was spotted today in Midtown, NYC.
The new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo will arrive in the US, as both a 328i and a 335i, in the summer of 2013 as a 2014 model. This third body variant of the current 3 Series model family unites the sporty-dynamic genes of the Sedan with the practicality and versatility of the Touring, along with enhanced space and ride comfort.
The 3 Series Gran Turismo stands out with its interior designed to provide luxury and comfort, for both the driver and his passengers.

Production ready BMW 3 Series GT spotted in Manhattan
The new midsize Gran Turismo model is built on the 3 Series long wheelbase platform. At 4,824 millimeters long, 1,489 millimeters tall, 1,828 millimeters wide and with a 2,920-millimetre wheelbase, the 3 GT is notably larger all round than the 3 Series Sedan and Touring variants. The F34 is also 200 millimeters longer than the BMW 3 Series Touring and comes with a 110-millimeter longer wheelbase and stands 81 millimeters taller. Front and rear passengers all benefit from a seating position raised by 59 millimeters.
Production ready BMW 3 Series GT spotted in Manhattan
The most powerful variant offered is the 335i GT powered by a 3.0 liter turbocharged engine developing 225 kW/306 hp and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft). BMW 335i Gran Turismo accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 5.4 seconds and has a full consumption of 7.7 liters per 100 km. A six-speed manual gearbox comes standard while the eight-speed automatic is optional.
BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo was designed by Page Beermann, exterior designer, and Georg Allmendinger, interior designer.
Production ready BMW 3 Series GT spotted in ManhattanProduction ready BMW 3 Series GT spotted in ManhattanProduction ready BMW 3 Series GT spotted in ManhattanProduction ready BMW 3 Series GT spotted in ManhattanProduction ready BMW 3 Series GT spotted in Manhattan

miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

New info on BMW i8. No M version planned

In 2014 BMW will introduce the highly-expected and sophisticated BMW i8 hybrid sportscar. The two-door, sporty hybrid features gullwing doors, wing-like rear-spoilers and a design that places the i8 in the same category as many luxury sports cars.
The lightweight i8 scales at 1450 kilograms, thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber design elements and cockpit, and it is powered by a 170 horsepower electric motor that drives the front-wheels, coupled with a 1.5 liter 3-cylidner turbocharged petrol engine producing another 223 horsepower.
Thanks to an intelligent transmission, the i8 can go from a front-wheel drive vehicle to a rear-wheel drive one, and even an all-wheel drive setup.
New info on BMW i8. No M version planned
In full electric mode, the BMW i8 can travel up to 20 miles. Engaging the 393 ponies will catapult the i8 from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.9 seconds, a figure comparable to the naturally-aspirated-powered M3.
In the European driving cycle, the BMW i8 is expected to average nearly 80 mpg.
The i3 comes with such innovative driver assistance systems as One Pedal Control (accelerate, decelerate and coast by throttle order), Active Brake Control (works up to 40mph and includes pedestrian recognition), Park Assist (including automatic navigation), Congestion Assist (works up to 25mph and includes active steering), Range Assist (shows all available charge points and takes you there on demand), Precondition Assist (cooling down, heating, charging – all by smartphone) and Navigation Assist
According to Car Magazine UK, BMW considered an M version of the i8 with a V8 or even V10 engine, but the plans have been scraped all-together.
When it goes on sale, the BMW i8 will have a base price above 100,000 euros and it’s expected to sell to 10,000 customers every year. Some of our sources say that many dealerships in the U.S. and Europe have already compiled a waiting list for the i8.